Cancellation - Payment Policy:

Classes: In the event a student must reschedule or cancel, the student must notify JTEC two (2) business days prior to class. Cancellations made with less notice than stated above will be charged the full amount of the invoice. Upon payment, the student may reschedule to take the same course at no additional charge.

Websites: Contracts are written on invoices. J-TEC requires 1/2 down and remainder in 90 days. Price based on one year or by the hour. Following year payment based on number of updates estimated and paid up front. If hours go over J-TEC will adjust in the next year's contract.

Payments: If no payment is received in 90 days, contract is voided.

Inactive sites: If a site does not have any updates for 1 year, J-TEC has the right to cancel contract.

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